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Friend as Zafu

“I am despondent because of all the difficulties I am facing in my life. I am not getting promoted, my salary doesn’t justify the hard work I put in my work, I need to buy a home which I can’t now, and sometimes I feel like my life has no motive,” he told to his friend. Continue reading “Friend as Zafu”

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Shubh Mangal Jyada Savdhaan Review – A Dostana Rom-Com

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I sometimes wonder that the word ‘homo‘ always existed amidst, still, why I was oblivious to it until in my teenage, I watched a movie whose plot was based on homosexuality?

 I guess these were the reasons:

  • British rule introduced us to section 377 in 1861, according to which any activities against the order of nature (heterosexuality) were illegal until 2018, and we Indians accepted and followed under our sanskari system.
  • I never read in my science books that there can be other natural orientations apart from heterosexuality. There were no plays or acts in literary texts mentioning a tale of gay lovers.
  • Our popular DD Doordarshan never displayed such topical movies or soap operas.
  • Parents and teachers never discussed it because for them ‘homophobia’ existed.

Anyways, after watching that Bollywood movie, I metaphorically contemplated ‘lesbian or gay word’ as a new form of substance abuse that one should stay away from. Reason – the lesbian character was depicted as a vamp who tried to rape the straight. Thus, a negative portrayal.

Hence, I could never imagined two boys or girls cuddling each other on a bike or doing any PDA beyond the limit of ‘normal’ as shown in the movie ‘Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhaan(SMZS)’ until I went Australia in 2016 and attended ‘Mardi Gras’ festival that is celebrated every year to rule out all the discrimination happening with LGBTQ community.

Well, thanks to the advent of digitization due to which millennials and next generations are becoming aware of the existence, history, and normalcy of ‘homosexuality’ even before it was legalized, thanks to Supreme Court of India for decriminalizing the section 377, and then to the filmmakers and writers who are trying to spread the message of removing ‘homophobia’ among the society through their satirical and entertaining art. However, same-sex marriage is still an alienated concept not only in India but in other parts of the world as well.

Now, let’s talk about the story of SMZS –

It is about two boys (Kartik & Aman) who are gay and passionate lovers. Ayushmann as Kartik wants Aman ( Jitendra Kumar)to discuss their relationship with his parents while they attend Aman’s cousin sister’s wedding (Maanvi Gagroo). However, things go unplanned as Aman’s father caught them kissing. Will the lovers ever get a happy DDLJ ending?

Delhi and UP premise had indeed been typical for most of the Ayushmann’s films. But I have been successful in resonating with the allegory, hilarious dialogues customized as per local dialect and presence of perfectly ensembled cast in his movies, being a native of that region.

Coming back to SMZS, here are a few things that I really liked and disliked:


  • The story of the film is an amalgamation of family entertainment, humor and a moral lesson that is very much required to please the masses.
  • Dialogues are well-written for each character
  • The entire cast has performed beautifully. Also, the character of Jitendra has been given more screen time than Ayushmann’s (a popular actor in Bollywood) as per the story’s requirement, which is an irony itself.
  • Music is enthralling.


  • The montage of this movie isn’t perfect, unlike the previous part of the same franchise. At some points in the second half of the film, the plot stretches like gum. However, the humorous situations keep binding you with the plot.

Overall, it is an entertaining movie, encompassed with family resentments set in the flakes of humor. I wanted to see more of ‘how they met’ scenes, though.

Guys! Keep munching popcorns and enjoy the show……ha ha

Take care 🙂

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The Fear Inside You

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When the reminiscences evoke,
the pursuit of events that you don’t want to happen,
haunts you.
The stress lines on your head and worry inside the heart are real.
And the imaginary ghost in your subconscious mind also exists in the real world.
You don’t want to ponder, but don’t know how to stop these anxiety rendering thoughts.
You don’t want to face them, but don’t know whom to approach.
Thoughts are making a stack in your brain and can burst it anytime.
Whom to approach? Whom to approach?
Nobody listens to your side of the story.


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Age is Just a Number

A wise person honestly said, “never judge a person by age.” You would be wondering why I am saying this. Well, dear readers, hold your curiosity. Here begins my story – a few days back, when I entered my office, I saw an old lady wearing saree sat with a laptop at one of the desks. As I couldn’t imagine that an old lady of around 60-65 years age can work in an office, so I misjudged her thinking that she would be relative of any employee and had come for some work. After five minutes, when I went to the pantry to make green tea, I saw her again standing near the coffee machine. I assumed that she wouldn’t know the usage of a coffee machine, and I went to help her, which she kindly refused saying that she can do it herself. I am not a judgemental person, but it might have happened because I saw something unusual that I had not seen before in my vicinity.

You might be thinking here that what was there to be astounded when there are innumerable examples of women working in various fields irrespective of age like Sudha Murthy and many others about whom we may not know. Agreed! But I am talking here about the startup culture where you see the presence of youths everywhere.

Coming back to the story – from our conversation, I came to know that she owns a startup in cybersecurity sector that was founded after her retirement, and she came to my office for a client meeting. My eyes bulged out. I have always seen people of that generation being risk-averse and not able to do what they want, especially woman, thinking that their age has gone beyond that level. That’s why this lady or Kalpagani Aunty (as I call her now) inspired me a lot. Introduction to this kind of change isn’t ordinary but undoubtedly positive.

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Chhapaak – Not a Movie Review

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Just a thought about an acid attack incident is horrendous. However, hats off to Lakshmi  Agarwal or the protagonist of the Chhapaak movie ‘Malti’ that she didn’t let the perpetrator to cutting her wings. She fought hard, won and set an example. She became the voice of many acid attack victims. She couldn’t do it alone, so kudos to her determined lawyer who fought for her without charging any fee and father’s employer who supported her monetarily for surgeries. Due to these two people, Continue reading “Chhapaak – Not a Movie Review”


How to Find a Perfect New Year Eve Dress for Curves

Hey there!

Do you yearn for a perfect body? Well, you should not, because you are still as gorgeous as you think you will be after losing some pounds.

Ah! I am not here to demotivate you from doing Gym, Yoga, Zumba, Keto, or anything that helps you in sustaining stamina, losing weight, or keeping your dream alive. However, I want you to cherish what you have. If you don’t qualify the parameters of a perfect figure, don’t worry! Not everybody gets the gift of curves. When you have them, embrace them, flaunt them. The only step that you have to take forward is to find a dress which suits your body shape and style.  Worried to do it alone? Fret not! This Rambling Writer is with you. As New Year 2020 is round the corner, why not do it now. Continue reading “How to Find a Perfect New Year Eve Dress for Curves”

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What to Pack for Hampi

The boulders, rivers, long-tailed monkeys, sunsets, temples, and bumpy rides over the roads are what Hampi Tales have been composed of. Well, it is a known fact that Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it remains warm in scorching heat during day time even in the months of winter from October to February. Also, the ambiance is quite unpredictable at this place as it’s is a concoction of both spiritual and hippie spirit. Hence, some common questions may pop up in your mind while packing for Hampi as happened with me – what should I wear, list of things or essentials to carry for the backpackers, do’s and don’ts, etc.  So, here I am to answer each one of them.

Continue reading “What to Pack for Hampi”

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A Tiny Tale of an Inspirational Couple From Langkawi Trip

Yachts at the Rebak Island, Langkawi: Image is subject to copyright
I met a couple in Langkawi, which was almost 65-70 years old and came from the US. While my husband and I were waiting for the boat at the Jetty Point, this couple came with a cat house and sat beside me. This alluring cat was Malaysian and had a brown furry body. Amidst my enthrallment in watching playful activities of the cat, this lady initiated a conversation with me, asking, “whether it’s my first time in Langkawi or do we travel here frequently,” along with some other questions.
Through our conversation, I came to know that this couple owns a yacht in Langkawi, and almost eight months of a year, they just spend in traveling. Their kids are well-settled, and the duo is cherishing their old days and retirement phase by exploring more and more places with each new year. Well, that moment awestruck me with lots of travel inspiration and future goals.
Here the crux of the story is – There is no age bar for aspirations. You can do skydiving even at the age of 60 if you wish to do it.

So, what do you think about this story? Is it inspiring for you as well?

Here, my quote is –  The more you travel, the more you love life.

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Top 10 Things to Do When You Land in Sydney

The moment you reach Sydney, getting mesmerized by its breathtaking views is obvious. This Aussie land isn’t just alluring from the picturesque; it also has a magic charm in its vibes as well. Another enticing feature of this city is that you don’t need to spend money on cabs to explore around, it has a supportive public transport system. All you need is a google map and an Opal card to reach your destination. Hence, if you have a plan to visit Sydney soon, here are the top ten things that you can choose to do:

If Paris is a city of lights, Sydney is the city of fireworks.
Baz Luhrmann

  • List of Top 10 Things to Do in Sydney
    • Visit Circular Quay to Adore Many Wonders of Sydney at a Place
    • Stroll at the Harbor Bridge
    • Take a Coastal Walk from Bondi to Bronte Beach
    • Have a Party Mood? Visit Darling Harbor
    • Love Wildlife? Visit Taronga Zoo
    • Wish to Take a Walk to Remember? Visit the Hyde Park
    • Love Asian Food? Visit Chinatown Night Market on Friday
    • Does Old Architecture Woo You? Visit Galleria of the Queen Victoria Building
    • Not Scared of Heights? Take a View of Sydney Cityscapes from the Westfield Tower
    • Have an Extra Day? Visit Kiama Blowhole

Visit Circular Quay to Adore Many Wonders at a Place

Opera House: Image is subject to copyright

Have you heard about the famous Opera House? It is nestled here. Circular Quay has a lot to offer if you are not tired of walking such as The Rocks, the Harbor Bridge, etc. The Rocks is a place for coffeeholic as it entails some wonderful cafes. Thus, take a coffee from there and give rest to your feet only when you reach the Opera House.

Continue reading “Top 10 Things to Do When You Land in Sydney”