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Friend as Zafu

“I am really sad because of all the difficulties I am facing in my life. I am not getting promoted, my salary doesn’t justify the hard work I put in my work, I need to buy a home which I can’t now and sometimes I feel like my life has no motive,” he told to his friend.

“You know you should thank God for capabilities you have and you can always find other options to get what you want, sometimes the clock doesn’t work according to our effort, but that doesn’t mean that we get anxious and stop trying. Also when you feel that you don’t have a motive in life, try to help those who doesn’t have the education to find work, who can’t afford a place to buy on rent even and who doesn’t have food to eat,” his friend said.

Note: This is just a piece of fiction but I think  if every friend, parent, teacher, boss will act as zafu, helping his/her friend/colleague/child in realizing the importance of their life by showing them the facets of positivity when they would need it most then stress, depression and suicide like terms will be rarely heard.

Thought of the day :

Whenever you feel that you are the most unhappy person on earth, look around yourself and you will find people who have many more reasons of grief than you, but still, they manage to smile and look forward.

Travel Stories

A Tiny Tale of an Inspirational Couple From Langkawi Trip

Yachts at the Rebak Island, Langkawi: Image is subject to copyright
I met a couple in Langkawi, which was almost 65-70 years old and came from the US. While my husband and I were waiting for the boat at the Jetty Point, this couple came with a cat house and sat beside me. This alluring cat was Malaysian and had a brown furry body. Amidst my enthrallment in watching playful activities of the cat, this lady initiated a conversation with me, asking, “whether it’s my first time in Langkawi or do we travel here frequently,” along with some other questions.
Through our conversation, I came to know that this couple owns a yacht in Langkawi, and almost eight months of a year, they just spend in traveling. Their kids are well-settled, and the duo is cherishing their old days and retirement phase by exploring more and more places with each new year. Well, that moment awestruck me with lots of travel inspiration and future goals.
Here the crux of the story is – There is no age bar for aspirations. You can do skydiving even at the age of 60 if you wish to do it.

So, what do you think about this story? Is it inspiring for you as well?

Here, my quote is –  The more you travel, the more you love life.

travel guide, Travel Guide

Top 10 Things to Do When You Land in Sydney

The moment you reach Sydney, getting mesmerized by its breathtaking views is obvious. This Aussie land isn’t just alluring from the picturesque; it also has a magic charm in its vibes as well. Another enticing feature of this city is that you don’t need to spend money on cabs to explore around, it has a supportive public transport system. All you need is a google map and an Opal card to reach your destination. Hence, if you have a plan to visit Sydney soon, here are the top ten things that you can choose to do:

If Paris is a city of lights, Sydney is the city of fireworks.
Baz Luhrmann

  • List of Top 10 Things to Do in Sydney
    • Visit Circular Quay to Adore Many Wonders of Sydney at a Place
    • Stroll at the Harbor Bridge
    • Take a Coastal Walk from Bondi to Bronte Beach
    • Have a Party Mood? Visit Darling Harbor
    • Love Wildlife? Visit Taronga Zoo
    • Wish to Take a Walk to Remember? Visit the Hyde Park
    • Love Asian Food? Visit Chinatown Night Market on Friday
    • Does Old Architecture Woo You? Visit Galleria of the Queen Victoria Building
    • Not Scared of Heights? Take a View of Sydney Cityscapes from the Westfield Tower
    • Have an Extra Day? Visit Kiama Blowhole

Visit Circular Quay to Adore Many Wonders at a Place

Opera House: Image is subject to copyright

Have you heard about the famous Opera House? It is nestled here. Circular Quay has a lot to offer if you are not tired of walking such as The Rocks, the Harbor Bridge, etc. The Rocks is a place for coffeeholic as it entails some wonderful cafes. Thus, take a coffee from there and give rest to your feet only when you reach the Opera House.

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The Fun and Tranquil Side of North Goa

When you have a feeling that the beach is calling and I must go, or when you think of a revelry mounting to its zenith, which place comes to your mind? Well! It’s a no-brainer, the first place would be none other than the beach capital of India – Goa.


If you are a party animal and a zen yogi, then North Goa is perfect for you to experience both. Though it is difficult to cover any part of Goa (North or South) in three to four days; despite this fact if you have to cover your to-do list in a short span, then relax! This article is specially designed for you. Wondering how! Let’s discuss.

How to Reach Goa

Well! There are various modes to opt for traveling, but if you don’t have enough days to spend in Goa, then prefer a flight. If you think flight would be an expensive option, fret not! There are some tricks for you to save money on flight bookings which we will discuss later in this post. In case you have more days to spend, or you have a stringent budget then choose either bus or train based on the distance to Goa from your location.

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Zafu #LifeBeyondStigma

Eddie and Patty

Goa is a dream destination for most of the people to visit at least once in a lifetime, but for the residents, it’s a daily routine as it was Eddie Steward who was working there in the SBI bank. She was single and beauty with a brain whose best friend was her sweet little Patty more than any human. Patty was a beautiful white kitten who mostly used to remain clad in furry jackets enhancing her beauty, especially the royal blue jacket on her shining body hairs could give the painting goals to any artist. Whenever Eddie used to be free she takes Patty along to enjoy the tranquillity on beaches of North Goa. This was her every weekend plan until her parents who were living in South Goa called to tell about the suitable match they found for her and asked her to come home on a weekend as they had arranged a meeting.

“Ma, why did you arrange without asking me? I don’t want to meet anyone.”

“Eddie, we are listening to that from the last two years but now we can’t wait anymore, how long you want to take? You have already crossed your age.”

“Why don’t you understand that I am not ready for marriage yet ??”

“And why don’t you understand, what we are going through.”

After this Eddie couldn’t say a word thinking that she might have the right to decide for her life, but she has no right of hurting her parents.

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Zafu #LifeBeyondStigma

Depression? Let’s Talk…



Last year we heard about major sensational cases of Pratyusha Banerjee’s suicide and Jia Khan’s case, who were not just the ordinary girls but the girls who made their name in the Indian TV industry and get failed in love life, so they gave up. Did they have the right to give up their life for a person who just came three to four years back, without even thinking about their parents who came in life much before that? Or I would rather ask wasn’t their life precious to ruin it for a chauvinist who didn’t understand their value and took them for granted and the answer is,’Yes, it was.’

Here I will narrate a real incident to enlighten on how nihilism of depression could turn bright as the shiny ray of the sun when it rises. I have a friend named Anu (fictional name) who was in love with a  boy named  Arun(fictional name) and they were happy in their relation till one year. They both were studying till that time in different colleges. Arun was very much possessive for her and eventually in one way or the other he got her disconnected from her friends. Even he hacked her social media accounts for some time to blackmail her. He just became her world & because of his dominating nature, she used to do whatever he asked her to do, like a slave. He used to assault her in public, but she couldn’t break her relation because she was not having any trustworthy friend at that time around her on whom she could rely. After a year both of them completed their college and got placed. Even after being in such a complicated relationship Anu wanted to marry with Arun. She was placed in a marketing company, and her schedule was hectic. Arun was also employed in reputed MNC and he started harassing her mentally, for working late at night and asked her to search for a better job profile; marketing was not a reputed field as per him. He started judging on her skills. Anu belonged to a middle-class family, who could hardly afford her education due to which she had the pressure of responsibility. She tried to search a new job, but all efforts were in vain. Gradually the fights between Anu and Arun increased. To lessen the turmoil in their relationship, finally, she resigned thinking that this will strengthen the bond of their relationship. A week after she resigned, Arun revealed that he wants to break up the relation as he is with another girl from last one month. Her life was wholly shaken as she was jobless and heartbroken at the same time and none of us was with her. This led her into depression.

However, within the fortnight, she found a new job but she could not come out of her depression. People around her in the hostel made her the topic of gossips. But she strived to live. She used cry hard in nights. The new job became her worst nightmare as she was entangled in the politics played by colleagues. On this sinking ship, her only lifeboat was her parents, due to which she couldn’t think of any drastic step to get rid of her life. Eventually, the eerie phase ended, and she got an amazing opportunity to step up her career after which she never turned back. After a few years, she found her Mr.Perfect. 

Now, when we met at my home, she told about this incident while having sips of her tea. Her story is an inspiration for every ordinary person going through some mental trauma. Our life is precious. Some phase of life may be hell but there is always a ray of hope. Suicide should not be counted as suicide, it is a murder which is provoked by some other person whom we loved most, society and family relatives, due to which a person never come back home, even if he/she wants tooPeople need to come forward and share their depression stories to lessen the burden of their heart and mind and Deepika Padukone (Bollywood Actress)started the process last year, though her story and struggle is different, But thanks to her for being such a great inspiration. As we all have a responsibility towards our society, so please understand that and don’t accentuate the people who are already facing difficulty in their education, personal life or anything else. We should try to make people laugh, not cry. Nothing is better than inspiring a person to live his/her life on own conditions.

“Don’t give the remote of your life to others. You should only be the in-charge of it.”

Travel Stories

That Trip to Kashmir

Image result for kashmir

Have you ever been to Kashmir? Well, Kashmir is a glorious crown of India that attracts people to come and create some special moments for them. When the first snowfall gets starts in winter, which slowly converts in a thick layer of the blanket over mountains, it becomes fascinating. During that time, the first ray of the sun in the morning gives the pleasure of tranquility. So here starts my exciting story of the memorable trip.

In January 2006 while I had already started graduation, my father surprised us with air tickets of Kashmir, making us realize the fact that,“Life is an exam where the syllabus is unknown and question papers are not setbecause we (me and my mother )were really terrified due to the terrible environment of violence in Kashmir we had seen in movies and used to frequently read in the news but were left with no other option instead of packing our bags because he was not ready to cancel them at any cost. And in all this hustle bustle of fear and adventure, finally, the day came when we left for Delhi to depart. Continue reading “That Trip to Kashmir”

Zafu #LifeBeyondStigma

Best birthday gift for a writer

My partner gifted me a book theme cake on this birthday, mentioning achievements of my blog from past one year, and two books on the side from the best authors of writing to read, learn and improve more in writing skills which are motivating me to take resolution of writing more, expressing more and utilising the canvas of blog for painting my thoughts and spreading the word.

Thanks Hubby 😍😍